Friday, June 19, 2009

Where DO the chips fall?

A very dear friend of mine linked me to this "article" on the site Planet Out: Does sleeping with men make you less of a lesbian?
I read through the article and the comments below and was astounded, as I was afraid I'd be. Most of the people comment do NOT think that a woman who identifies herself as a lesbian but still has casual sex with men is less of a lesbian- less "pure" as it has been stated.
I find myself pondering the whole concept. I know of lesbians who will not date women who consider themselves "bisexual" or have slept with men. Is this a form of discrimination? Are there women out there who are searching for a loophole to their homosexuality? Does this same loophole exist for men?

Times, they are a changing. The spectrum, the definition of some of the most simplistic concepts now begins to stretch far and wide...


  1. My question is this - why is it that marginalized groups feel the same need to place labels based on limited pieces of someone's personality that those in the majority do? Why can't we simply accept (or reject) people for who they are? While sexuality is definitely a major characteristic of a person's identity, it's not the only one. Sheesh.

  2. I agree about being being labeled within already small/minority groups. I guess it is the nature of humans to have to classify and demystify everything.
    I disagree about sexuality being a big part of personality. I disagree when it comes to just about everything about that's SUPPOSED to be a part of your personality; being Christian, being gay, being Republican. None of these things say anything about what movies you like, where you work, where you live or who your friends or family are. All it says is who you have sex and fall in love with, which is private when it comes to heterosexuals, isn't it? It doesn't say "you are co-dependent, or insecure, or a motherly type. It just says one general, generic thing: you have sex with people of your same sex. It bugs me when people use general labels to define themselves because it takes the pressure off of having to be different. I never want to be anyone but myself-not a Christian, or Democrat, or BLACK- just ME. I wish more people were unafraid to just be who they are,too.