Monday, June 22, 2009

The Monday Blues links

Quite the harsh morning today! I had a fantastic set of links to post yesterday which was titled "Lifetime Movie Sunday links" and, thanks to this blogger/gmail link, they were all lost! So, some of the funniest things I found on the 'net are gone, never to be viewed by any of your eyes! Except for what I have today :)

Poorly placed ads
Timeline of futuristic sci-fi flicks

Woman fined for downloading 24 songs. She got a HUGE fine.Couple gets married in 0 gravity
Beck has a new project Beck and Friends Music Club.

Five reasons to go salsa dancing If you're single, that is.
The 10 least 'Green' cars on the market
Why motivation doesn't matter. Really. Sometimes you just have to give yourself a litte kick in the pants even when you don't wanna.

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