Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bastard Thursday links

Whatever I give you is what you will take. I am so tired.

I'm tired of it, too. Three dimensional viewing is not fancy to me anymore. It's been around since I was a child and frankly, I'm tired of really dumb films coming out in 3D. It's actually, for me, harder to focus on and enjoy the film when it's in 3D (I kept taking my glasses off during "Avatar"). There are, however, apparently some things that are sacred, since Star Wars fans are unhappy about 3D plans. Good for them. Now, if we could only stop making BAD Star Wars films, we'd be set.

Pretentious non-grammarians like to correct the average speaker when on things such as "I feel bad" (a la Donald Trump, right) when that is correct. It's kind of funny that Americans like to try to appear intelligent by attempting to speak properly when they just sound silly when they don't follow proper grammar rules.I've got a great podcast from the Grammar Girl on flat adverbs, or rather, adverbs with no "ly". Read it so that you won't look like a jerk the next time you are tempted to correct someone.

First it was dolphins, now it's monkeys that have shown a capacity for self awareness. This should bring up some interesting conversations soon. There are also some interesting links at the end of the article. (Don't worry, chimps are just as idiotic as humans I mean ever (thanks for sharing)

Anderson Cooper apparently IS gay. Ok he's not, but he's in the works for a daytime talk show. Close enough.(Will he be the new Oprah?)

Scientists have found what should be a truly habitable planet. Don't go thinking that YAY we can keep trashing this planet. Because we can't.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Labor Day weekend links

I was saving a lot of these for a special occasion, which would be now.

I haven't had cable since February and now that I have it back, I have discovered a great VH1 countown called Undateable. It's a top 100 countdown of things a man could do to be labeled undateable. I LOVE that VH1 is as cynical as I am. They also keep me entertained on days when there's too much sun to go outside.

Fun links:

  • I hate stupid names but I am not the only one.
  • Douching isn't even good for you, and only nasty girls do it. So suggesting that if you want a raise, you have to douche, is taking it to the next level.
  • List of the Day: Fourteen inventions you could have thought of. Totally. Some, I wouldn't even call inventions. Then another Seven stupid products created by brands. People ought to be ashamed.
  • Important story suggests that standardized tests are biased against kids who don't give a shit.

  • Cracked: Six really creepy things slipped into kid's cartoons. REALLY creepy and inappropriate. Thanks to Netflix, I can stream them and watch them.

  • Nerd links:
  • Video of a fire tornado in Hawaii. ARMAGEDDON!!!!
  • How something feels affects thought.
  • Thinking about adding to the family? There may be no need. "Only child" syndrome may be a myth.

  • Everything else:

  • Paste Magazine is shutting down. How sad. They tried to keep things going but couldn't do it. I appreciated getting my new music every month and hope to continue to support them on their site.
  • We know you're lying, and so are we. The top 13 books people lie about having read. Some of us have been forced to read Cantebury Tales, but even a lit major hasn't read these.