Monday, August 31, 2009

I read way too many sites

KRS One writes Hip Hop Bible
A short article on how your brain deciphers multiple sounds
Putting your child in daycare can help parents make friends
Psych hospital in Buenos Aires teaches Tango as therapy

Don't even reply dot com. This guy reponds to stupid ads just to annoy people. Ingenious. People post some really ignorant ads online...
Dullest Blog dot com. Some guys is making a satirical blog making fun of boring posts. His blog is hot, apparently.
The Scarlet Letter, revisited. A VA man caught cheating was forced to stand at a DC intersection with a sign declaring his infidelities. Women are smarter than you.
Vaccuum ad fail

Sunday, August 30, 2009

cloudy sunday links

Burglars going hi-tech and using Facebook and Twitter to rob you. Yeah, see, I knew there was a good reason to hate those sites.
America's best places to find a job. There are some unlikely cities on that list. Shreveport? REALLY??
The origins of the film 'District 9' It's a short film that spawned the idea for the movie.
Cranberries reunite for tour

Knitting with Dog Hair. Someone's turned the art into a very boring book.
Wifi prostitutes. A new way to think about finding free Wifi connections.
Probably bad news

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Links on a nice day

Homer Akinbola? An Angolan marketing firm has made the Simpsons go all Black.
Gamers are as sad as you think. The average videogamer is 35 and quite the unhappy sap.
Robot cats could provide care for the elderly. Creepy.
Study shows that we eat more when our friends do. Yes, the fatter your friends are, the more likely you are to overindulge. While there is a study that shows that we mimic our peers out of an evolutionary need, getting the giant onion blossom is NOT contributing to our betterment. However the US life expentancy is at an all time high of 78. How are we managing to continue to pump grease through our veins for this long??
8 phenomenon that defy explanation. Number 1? THE FLU.
I admit that I was overwhelmed by too much Shakespeare in college but creating a 3D musical of Hamlet is no way to spice it up.
Remember Andrew WK? He has a new album of tribal music.

Friday, August 21, 2009

How to know if they're THE ONE

Too many times, too many of us have asked our friends and parents how they knew that their spouse was THE ONE and the same answer has been echoed: "I just knew". What does that mean? This feeling of knowing that seems to escape our lives in some many other areas seems to stand firm when it comes to relationships. There is no further explanation although in some cases they say "it was time" and that just raises more questions. In an article by Mikko Kempe, he addresses what it means to just know. He has finally addressed something that even I have struggled with: that knowing is not just about that person.
We tend to think that we will KNOW something about our partners that will enlighten us, bring us to the point of changing, settling down, letting go of adolescent desires. It is actually more about yourself.
Our generation (yuck) has a different set of values than our parents and this can make their advice on relationships a bit obsolete, although it is not all together lost. We are focused on a person that meets certain superficial requirements as well as other emotional and personal needs. Many of our parents (for those of us whose parents are over 50) may have sought out different traits, such as cleanliness, level of responsibility, maturity, career stability and mutual personal values. We are now abandoning a lot of these things in exchange for a partner whose interests more closely match out own, and later find that some of the more 'practical' parts of relationships and marriage do not work. This does not mean that they are not THE ONE, or that we can not rely on our intuition to guide us. It may mean that we are evaluating the wrong aspects to try to come to a conclusion.
Mikko says that, above all else, we have to be ready for THE ONE to even begin to ponder them at all. According to Mikko, there are four things that one must have in place to make this decision:
1. Your heart has to be fully open.
2. You have to have the ability to be fully honest with yourself.
3. You have to trust your intuition.
4. The timing has to be right.
I agree completely on this. I have somehow stumbled upon these truths in the last year or so. Not meeting even one of these conditions can lead you away from finding the person who matches you.
Being open is more complicated than it seems, and is the first barrier to having a lasting relationship. How does one know how to be loved? Sometimes, we think that giving love is enough, but it is not fulfilling to your partner if they can not completely love you back. I have spent a lot of time with people who did not think they were worthy of truly being cared for, and the conflict that it causes is a huge one. We all have to accept ourselves as we are, with faults and achievements and gifts to give and all. I have a ton of things that I think I could do differently but I still think that even if I never fix them, I am still someone worth loving.
Most people are not fully, really, honest with themselves. This can be about ANYTHING. Their true career desires, bad habits, or even what it is they are really capable of handling in a relationship. I have a friend that is hell bent on being with a tall, beautiful, intelligent blond woman. Yet, he has fallen short of being mature and intelligent himself. He is not honest with himself that he is not matched to this perfect woman of his dreams, nor is he honest with the fact that these superficial qualities do not at all guarantee a fulfilling relationship. I think we all have to know who we are, how we are viewed by others, and what people are an actual match to that.
I don't want to really dwell on intuition because it's kind of a catch 22. It is really important to know and trust your gut, but we always seem to trust it at the wrong times. Our gut says "get that two scoop ice cream sundae" and we do it, yet when it screams, "that car salesmen is a con!", we go on and buy that car anyway. Many people think that they have a type because there has always been a pattern in the people that they have dated or who find them attractive but I know that for me, my gut told me otherwise. I had to stop dating musicians, FOR REAL. Just because that's what you've done, it doesn't mean that's what you should continue to do. Some revamping of our guttural desires is sometimes needed to get the real answers we seek.
But ultimately, all of this has to come at the right time. People often say "you'll meet someone when you're not looking" and I think that by this they mean that you are no longer needing someone in your life; you have worked out some major kinks and when you are content with yourself (and realizing that you ARE worthy of loving), someone out of the ordinary plops into your lap. They aren't necessarily the one, but you are more able to see the path clearly versus having it cluttered with leaves and shit.

Why does this seem so hard? It is easy to write out; it is easy to say to someone. The truth of the matter is that it takes work to make all of these things fall into place. KNOWING if someone is THE ONE is not as easy as craving pasta and going to the restaurant and ordering it and it's placed in your lap; you have to make it yourself. Working and toiling and putting in all of the right pieces makes for just the right dish.

Animal vids

I have been violated by this video of turtles doing the nasty. I've never in all my years seen such a thing.

These videos are great, though. Animals "talking" makes me happy.
Hey, Alan!
scared baby bear. I almost peed my pants.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Project Runway is on

I've been avoiding the internet but the internet waits for no one. I have quite a few funnies:
Worst men's fashions. I think they may have forgotten a few, such as bell bottoms and leisure suits...
3 Keyboard Cat moon shirts.
Street sign fail
Big time toy FAIL. Make sure to read the product reviews!
I have two new sites that are kind of rocking me right now: (and this one's great)

I admit it, I like all things goofy.

20 things you didn't know about HURRICANES. I live in New Orleans. This is important!
Remember how people always say that humans only use 10% of their brain? Here's the other 90
Evangelical Lutherans debate allowing gay ministers
60 Second Podcast: Older adult's driving abilities may be hindered by meds. Again, I think you should not be able to drive past a certain age...
Podcast: A study in the journal Current Biology verifies the proposition that people in a featureless environment will wind up walking in circles
London's new trend: PUTPocketers. People randomly slip bills into stranger's pockets...

New Imogen Heap album streaming on her website
Jermaine from Flight of the Concords has a new movie

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Gloomy Tuesday links

For the health freaks like Von, who are terrified of all germs: strep throat may have killed Mozart!!
Nerdom: Outer space Building blocks of life found on comet
60 second podcast: Your phone knows who your real friends are

This is an important topic for me. Anyone who knows me knows that I hate what I call "inbetween cheese". This is cheese that has melted, then recooled, and cools in a totally new substance. I hate it. It's no longer solid nor liquid, just this mushy, stringy mass. The only time that this is acceptable is on pizza, because mozzarella doesn't have a lot of oil in it so it doesn't get weird when it cools. But here is an article about why some cheeses melt and others crumble. Please tell us, please, so I know which ones to stay away from :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Back on early shift links!

Congressman makes weed legal for himself

Funny talking animal vids. I am still chuckling at my desk.
Human skin rug. Ew.
Flow chart on how men and women argue. CLASSIC!
Fastest State Trooper EVER

The Great Blue Hole. There are a ton of unexplored realms on earth; sometimes it seems insane that we would want to explore anywhere else.
The origins of cubicles and open office floor plans

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

My movie is skipping, add links

Arrested Development spin-off...Sort of. At least it's Will Arnett in it.
Scientists consider using medicine dispensing contact lenses. The idea is that they would be controlled release INTO YOUR EYES.
Collection of photos from 'There, I fixed it'. Very funny. People are nuts.
Do you know what it means to be a cougar? Well, let these ladies show you.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Quick links

Space exploration-travel styleNASA plans to use government money to fun private trips to space.
Have nosey cats that like to sleep on your warm computer? Try Pawsense. It protects your computers against cat invasion.
Funny news errors
Amazing paintings. Real life art. This makes me happier than a hanger with play doh on it being passed off as "modern art".
Time tells us that working out won't make us thin. After training for a half marathon, I can see where the truth in this is. Working out five days a week made me EAT, although I did still tone. Interesting.

60 second podcast transcripts:
Visible meteor shower
Do food stamps lead to obesity?

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday links

Just a few tonight:

Movie sequels are getting out of control...
Video of Ryan Gosselin's new band. I'm not too keen on the drumming, but everything else is pretty good.
The truth behind the brown M&Ms. the rumor about Van Halen's demands for no brown M&Ms had good reason. I love Snopes.
Study on how relinquishing some power may be beneficial. Oh, how things fall into place.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009