Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday links

Not too much geekery today. More than half of my work day was lost because the a/c was out. We decided to all go out to lunch instead of working. Good plan!

Lawmaker returns quite the 'uncouth' gift. Sending a metal scuplture of bull balls to a Senator doesn't QUITE say just how you feel.
Theater where B52s and REM played burns down
prison trained puppies help troops
Sacha Baron Cohen opens in Amsterdam. The movie premiered with a bunch half naked men running through the streets of Amsterdan's "Pink Light District".

The truth about the link between autism and child vaccines.
The truth? There is none. Find out why you've been let to believe there is.
How to open a beer bottle with a lighter
20 Things You Didn't Know About Recycling*
President Obama teaches us how to swat a fly. Helpful facts about flies to help learn how to kill 'em!

Ten jobs that pay $20/hr*

Chindogu of the day

*reposts from LJ

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