Wednesday, October 27, 2010

It's the end of October and it's 87 degrees

The heat is making me delirious so the links are sporadic.

  • Let's save the planet! Scott toilet paper now comes without cardboard holders. I don't use Scott but I can appreciate what they're doing.
  • Know your politics! While some of this is a bit vague, the points are still true.
  • Meanwhile, let's examine how Americans don't grasp the large scale numbers in the country's budget and deficit. This is a helpful visualization and, before and Repubs start high fiving it, this also applies to the amount of money Obama is spending on healthcare. Mere pennies in comparison.
  • Target hates creative people, poor people, black people, and smart people. Ok, they really just want to sell their products but this is an interesting article about one of their Halloween ads.
  • I've always been grossed out by pumpkins, but these amazing carved pumpkins just makes it worse.
  • And in all seriousness, we can't get rid of Antoine Dodson. Now you can have his Bed Intruder App.

    Now, I'm done, gimme some love!
  • Sunday, October 17, 2010

    Saints Sunday links

    I've been told that I never say anything nice about the Saints and that's not true. I'm just a realistic fan. There's a real chance that they might do something stupid.

  • The people have spoken: NO MORE PHONE BOOKS!! Most people don't use them, and in my case, I can get as many as four of them. Now you can opt of out receiving them.
  • Need to find out where an image came from? Tin Eye reverse image lookup. There are some really cool search options popping up out there.
  • Some facts about sleep and a podcast showing, yet again, that
    later school times lead to better performance
  • I've blogged about this before, so maybe this will be more helpful. When to use the word "literally". Thank you, The Oatmeal.

  • Again, thanks to The Oatmeal for these things you do in e-mail that make me hate you.
  • The internet makes me regret a lot of things, but here's the best of Regretsy. Absurd creations.
  • The funniest news about a band: FORMER Weezer fans offer money for the band to call it quits.A LOT of money.