Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Gotta make room!

I'm going to first start by mentioning the the scariest sound in the solar system (I would like to say 'universe' but I'm sure there are scarier sounds beyond our limits). Scientists have recorded the sounds of solar coronal loops- the giant magnetic flares that come from the sun's coronal atmosphere. They call it "music" but I call it "sounds of impending death".
  • To the ladies: Are your friends lying to you? Of course they are. Because you want them to. Quite a good article about how women handle relationships and the general decision to not hear the truth from those loved ones who should be the first to be able to tell it.
  • If you've become complacent with using PCs and Microsoft programs, you may need to pay attention. Apple is rising while Microsoft is slowly declining. It may be time to start learning to use other programs.Trust in Google :)
  • And finally, why I'll never be an adult. I was so surprised to find that this is exactly how my life goes. Then I was sad.
  • Then this made me happy. One of the best auto tune edits that I've heard. It's so worth it.
  • While this call isn't new, it's enjoying some new attention: Jimmy Dean complaint call. We all know that 12 oz of sausage just isn't enough. Even better? ultimately, they won. The 16 oz is back! I admit that watching those videos TOTALLY makes me want some JD sausage (without the T-bone, that is).
  • Saturday, June 12, 2010

    Yet more junk

    Can I stop collecting it? No. But as long as I'm amused (or shocked!) I will keep posting it!

    For instance, I am thoroughly shocked and appalled that there really is a sequel to Titanic in the making.
    And apparently there will be severe earthquakes in Califonia and British Colombia, Canada. There may be something off with the guy and I'd feel really bad if there was, but it's still funny to listen to.
    This is what is being called the The BP Fail Whale
    At this very moment, I should be doing something important, but I'm not. And you're not, either. I love Pearls before Swine.
    I am a sucker for teh cute. Kids and dogs make me happy.
    Speaking of dogs, here are some fun life lessons we should learn from a dog. I wonder what life lessons from a cat would be like?
    I really enjoy all of the Justin Bieber is a girl jokes.
    This may be my new favorite way to jank people on Facebook: Openbook. You can keyword search and see people's updates using those words. YES. Now I know for sure that Facebook is stalkerific.

    Monday, June 7, 2010


    I have too much stuff that I need to unload. I have seriously slacked on the intellectual information but I will return with good stuff soon!

  • Bad cocaine can rot your flesh. Drugs 'r' bad, mmkay??
  • High cagefighter rips amigo's heart out. 'Cause DRUGS ARE BAD. Was this guy practicing for the real life Mortal Kombat?!
  • Probably not anything people haven't already discussed or written about, but I like that they share videos for their 20 best Seinfeld moments
  • My favorite local bartender shared these 86 rules for being a good bar patron. EVERY man under the age of 30 should know these.
  • I know that English is the hardest language to learn but Engrish is still funny. Really funny. I will adopt some of these 32 Engrish subtitle mistakes into my regular lexicon. "You ugly you look like your twelve year old turtle". Because you do.

    Stuff that makes you and me cooler than everyone else:
  • Time lapse video of the Iceland volcano. It is really beautiful and amazing to see, especially now that it's over.
  • A fun optical illusion. Sometimes I don't lose all faith in the future of mankind.
  • Some facts about bacteria. It's good to know what's trying to kill you (the viruses will be the ones to succeed in killing you)
  • LISTEN UP! These are some really important FACTS ABOUT PETA that EVERYONE should know. The organization isn't this all good-serving, animal-loving peace-keeping company.
  • We are so fortunate but we mostly complain that we don't have more. Let's get a little perspective.
  • This hipster bullcrap needs to stop! A graphjam on Che Guevara shirts. If you don't know what he did, click that link. And if you're wearing skinny jeans when you do it, I hope you burst into flames.