Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shortcut info for healthcare and thensome

I have been linked to two good sites that have the healthcare reform broken down into easy to understand terms. Many sites aren't easy to grasp, and are STILL skewed away from certain facts that have already been clarified. So I'll share these two:
  • Reuters offers info in a year by year breakdown so that it is easy to see what changes will come and when.
  • PoliticFact Top 10 things you should know about these changes.

    Also, for those that still like to use words like "socialist" and "unconstitutional", I'd like to provide THIS.

    Keeping with my previous hippie post, I also wanted to include the video for The Story of STUFF. It is 20 minutes long but goes much more in dept than the others and is really important for consumers to understand just how they have been puppetted in the last sixty years. So the next time my friends come over and make fun of my tube TV or old laptops, printers and stuff, they'll shut the hell up because they will now know why I haven't fallen for the banana in the tailpipe with being a greedy consumer.
  • Tuesday, March 23, 2010

    A few things to know about bottled water

    This is a very well done video that warns people of becoming obsessed with the bottled water movement. I hate the bottled water movement, and have been drinking tap water all of my life (save occasions where I need water and a fountain is not available and buying a bottle is about my only option). There are a lot of other things that could be included in the video but then it would be a two-hour long Michael Moore movie.

    Give it a quick look, and maybe take a second to consider what you might able to do differently.

    Thursday, March 18, 2010

    My birthday and things I love

    So today is my birthday and one of my gifts to myself has been to chronicle one of my favorite things: The Todd's high fives from "Scrubs". There are eight seasons (I do not count this new season of "Scrubs: Med School" as anything other than garbage) and a lot of quotes. At some other time when I'm bored and I still don't have cable I may do a collection of all the girl's names that Dr. Cox calls JD. But for now, I will share this that I have collected.

    Season 1

    No real "High fives"

    Season 2

    Ep 21: “My Drama Queen”- “Air Five”

    Ep 22: “My Dream Job”- “Self Five”

    Season 3

    Ep 2 : “My Journey”- “Mental Five”

    Ep 4: “My Lucky Night”- “Sterile high five”

    Season 4

    Ep 11: “My Best Moment”- “Miracle Five”

    Ep 12 : “My Ocardial Infarction”- “Face Five”

    Ep 21 : “My Lips Are Sealed” –“Fist Five”

    Ep 24: “My Drive By” –“Assisted Five”

    Ep 25: “My Changing Ways”- “Make it Stop Five”

    Season 5

    Ep 1: “My First Day”-“Euphemism Five”

    Ep 2: “My Rite of Passage” –“Betrayal Five”

    Ep 16: “My Bright Idea” -“Breast stroke five”

    Season 6

    Ep 9 : “My Perspective” - “Cyber Five” / “Duct Tape Five”

    Ep 10: “My Therapeutic Month” - “Weenie Roast Five”

    Ep 13: “My Scrubs” – “Somethin’ Might Be Wrong Five”

    Ep 14: “My No Good Reason” – “Skeptical Air Five”

    Ep 17: “Their Story” -“Unfair Five” / “Internal ‘uh oh’ Five”

    Ep 19: “My Cold Shower” – “It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all Five”

    Season 7

    Ep 8: “My Manhood”- “Entire Coffeebucks Five”

    Ep 10: “My Waste of Time” – “Ice Fishing Five”

    Ep 11: “My Princess”- “Fairy Five” / “Still Can High Five? Five”

    Season 8

    Ep 4: “My Happy Place”- “I can feel little JD five”

    Ep 5 : “My ABC’s”- “Grover Five” / "I just pulled down your pants Five"

    Ep 7: “My New Role” -“Disrespecting Nurses Five”

    Ep 12: “Their Story II” - “Welcome to the Team Five” / “Quiet Down Five”

    Ep 13: “My Full Moon” - “Are We Clear Five” / “I’m sorry Five” (Turk)

    Ep 14: “My Soul on Fire Pt 1” – “Cardboard Five”

    Ep 15: “My Soul on Fire Pt 2” – “High Tide Five”

    Ep 19: “My Finale Pt 2” – “Goodbye Five”

    I advise everyone to get to know and love Scrubs. Everything that you ever need to know about life is on this show.

    Thursday, March 4, 2010

    The sexiest musicians I've ever seen

    I was driving home tonight and a particular song made me think of the first time I saw that band, and just how exciting the show was. I thought I'd write about the sexiest artists, local/unsigned and national/famous,that I've ever seen live.

    Aaron Marsh of Copeland: He first made me sweat when I saw him at The Parish last year. The band had been bestowed upon me by Jeffery because my snobbery prevented me from listening to them when I first caught wind of the name years ago. Aaron's voice may not be for some, but I like it, and seeing him, doubly hot on stage in a green sweater, made the back of my knees sweat. He's a very passionate musician and lyricist and I can't dare scoff at that.

    Thom Yorke of Radiohead: There are a million things to say about the miniature, lazy-eyed lover boy, but one thing many people might not say is that he is sexy. I had the pleasure of seeing Radiohead at the UNO Lakefront Arena in October 2003. I wouldn't say that prior to this show I would have described Thom Yorke as sexy, but as another passionate musician and one who glides across the stage, he just did it for me. "Hail to the Theif" then had a whole new meaning.

    Me'shell Ndegeocello: I had a hard time even picking a picture of her, as she is just beautiful while standing still. But this tiny bass playing dynamo already had my heart in 1993 with "If that's your boyfriend", but it wasn't until I saw her at HOB in December 2001 that I fell in love all over again. She doesn't play bass for most songs when she's touring, but the woman exudes soul, passion and sensuality with every breath. Even when she was being vulgar (noting that she is bisexual and sometimes just needs some dick), she was just hot. It's a shame that I cried when I met her after the show.

    Travis Shuler of The Public: One of my favorite local bands, I've been captivated by The Public for more years than I can recount. Dear Travis stands out in a crowded room full of hipsters with his black suits and piercing blue eyes. Yet, he is a tremendously nice guy. His brooding lyrics fit the front man persona just so, and I am not embarrassed to say that watching him on stage makes me go all little girl wobbly.

    Mullins of Bonerama: New Orleans is well known for its Brass bands, but my all time favorite is Bonerama. They aren't just a classic Brass band, but take trombones, a guitar and a drumset and rock you with funk, jazz, soul and sex. Mark is the lead trombonist, singer and writer, and he gyrates on stage in a way that a man with a trombone just shouldn't.

    Honorable mention goes to Brandon Boyd of Incubus, whom I first saw at State Palace in 2001. That one's obvious.

    Least sexy goes to Scott Weiland, post drug addiction. I saw STP at State Palace in 2000 or 2001, when he was fresh out of rehab. The rehab diet isn't sexy on anyone, I think.

    I must note that somehow, most of these people are short. I guess they just look larger than life on a stage.

    Wednesday, March 3, 2010

    Silly links and pet peeves

    What's my pet peeve? It isn't so much a grammar lesson as it is a common sense lesson. Or two.
    First, using the word "literally" correctly. We know what it means, right? The Merriam Webster definition of 'literal': adhering to fact or to the ordinary construction or primary meaning of a term or expression/ ACTUAL/ free from exaggeration or embellishment (though the definition of "literally" states that the misuse I'm going address is a form of hyperbole-yet the misuers are not aware of this supposed meaning)
    Yet, despite this, the definition is lost when people use such phrases as "After the workout with Bob, where he literally killed me, I realize that I can do every single thing that I didn't think I can...". So, is the author writing from the dead? No, of course not. It peeves my pet to hear people say and write such things. They don't realize that they're doing it, either.
    It is possible to exaggerate without misusing such a word. Can we start doing this, please?

    My second pet peeve is incorrectly saying "I could care less". In a short explanation, this is wrong because the speaker implies that they must care a little, because there is less caring that they could do. The correct phrase would be "I couldn't care less" because if you truly do not care at all, there is no less caring you could do.

    And then there were links:
  • Passive aggressive kids notes of the day. Ah, from the minds of youth.
  • Things everyone should know about the female orgasm. This is a great addendum to the video presentation in my last links post.
  • Let's walk the cat. As funny as this is, I'm glad my cat actually walks on a harness.
  • Ice T WIN. Thanks, Failblog.
  • How to travel for less. This isn't necessarily how I like to travel, but it might be suitable for some.
  • Proof that The Learning Channel isn't teaching anyone anything anymore. Thanks, Cracked.