Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Important in the news

Let's get shocking!

  • Bring your gun to church day!Proposed bill will allow concealed guns at church, but of course at the discretion of the minister. Yeah.
  • California takes the fun out of fast food. I think it's great that California tries to be progressive, but if you want to talk about losing freedoms or governments taking over (that goes out to all those folks that like to say Obama is a Socialist), California is leading the race. They are now banning fast food places from giving toys with kids meals that are over 485 calories, in an attempt to curb fat kids' desire to eat fat kids food. Because that is the REAL problem. */sarcasm*
  • NASA image of the oil slick off the coast of Louisiana. It is being proposed that they just set the slick on fire.

    Ok, a little less shocking:

  • A book I'd recommend:Fifty Dangerous things You Should Let Your Kids Do. I agree that parents have become over-protective worry warts that don't allow their children to be free to scrape their knees or get Chicken Pox. Let your kid stick his finger in a fan-the blades will stop, it won't cut his finger off. I know a guy who electrocuted himself three times before the age of ten, ate dog food and stuck red beans in his ears and he is quite the normal adult. Here's a PDF of item 46.
  • Instructional diagrams for socially inept people. I wish they'd picked more. There are so many more lessons for people to learn.
  • New Fall shows that might not suck
  • Sunday, April 25, 2010

    Is this a Dutch movie?

    I don't have cable anymore and find myself watching World programming. And sometimes reading articles.

  • Phil Collins makes Motown covers album. Let's talk about this, please? Have a healthy discussion about why this can't happen? Several other artists have attempted this and it ends badly. The kind of voice that Collins has is just SURE to make this album a mess.
  • Review of Theresa Andersson's live DVD. She's a New Orleans favorite and I must say that I respect her and her creativity tremendously. Everyone should giver her a listen, just once.
  • F.Scott Fitzgerald is a hit. A movie adaptation of Tender is the Night will feature Matt Damon and Keira....that chick.
  • Six ways for teens to lose distractions. I think this would be more suited for parents of teens who can "remove" these distractions for them, more than asking a teenager to give them up willingly.
  • 20 things you didn't know about digestion and sugar.

  • Car commercials suck

    AKA Why I Love My Yaris

    I have been deeply annoyed recently with the new Ford commercials that prod people to "swap their ride" or whatever the promotion is. They ask a HONDA driver to get behind the wheel of a Ford and expect ME, as a viewer, to believe that she really loved that POS Ford more than her HONDA. HONDA is one of the three top car companies. Hondas are so good that I couldn't find a used Accord or Civic last year when I was car shopping. Nowhere in Southeast Louisiana. People don't get rid of Hondas because HONDAS NEVER DIE. My sister is still driving her manual Accord coupe from 1999 (although she also has a nice Lexus to troll the city in). My Dad has a 2004 Accord that he bought a companion 2010 Accord for as his retirement car. I don't think anyone who has owned a Honda is going to be swayed by a bluetooth phone system or parallel parking system. As a note to anyone looking to buy a car- the more bells and whistles a standard quality car has (like bluetooth), the less reliable and lower quality the car is. They want to distract you from the shit falling off the car.

    Toyota is another one of those top three car companies. This was a huge factor in why I bought one. I couldn't afford a Prius, but I'd rather the lower end of a high performing car company than anything from a low performing company (CHEVY CAN SUCK IT!!!) Last week I was shown just how trusty my tiny Toyota is (who is nicknamed "Pip the Pirate" because he's a YARRRRis):

    I was rear-ended by a Toyota Landcruiser which is so big that I could fit my Yaris inside of it. Toyota;built Ford tough. He had not even a scratch. I was told by the adjuster that most cars would buckle in the middle behind the front and back doors, which would cause serious structural damage. My trunk crumpled like an aluminum can but there was no damage to anything but it and the bumper. I could have been screwed with a totaled out car but instead I am driving a CHEVY COBALT while my car is being repaired. Ford, Chevy, you can all eat dirt while me and my Toyota keep cruising with my super awesome gas mileage. I've had the Cobalt for less than a week, have been nowhere but to school on Wednesday and to work on Thursday and I have already used half a tank. Oh, Chevy, you can suck it. Make better cars and you wouldn't have to lie to try to sell yours.