Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Random links

I was tempted to post some articles about the Stephanie Grace e-mail debacle, but it is so multi-layered and drama tinged that I decided against it.

  • Relationship advice-you should learn to ignore it.Funny stuff, but it's true. Rarely is the advice great, unless coming from a professional or someone who has nothing to gain from giving it. While I still read The Relationship Journal (for your sake, not my own HAHAHAHHA), I question whether or not the answers are in depth enough to really be of any help.
  • Facebook screws your privacy...YET AGAIN. This will most likely be fixed by the time anyone sees it, but I do still need to make my point that Facebook is awful, it sucks, and people are being screwed by it on a daily basis.
  • The most disgusting fair foods in America. Or possibly THE WORLD.
  • My last warning that tanning is bad. Maybe you'll listen to Cracked, but I have been trying to tell my fairer friends that darkening your ass isn't worth it. And also why it's just a phony money maker. Check out this reprinted history of WHY it's fashionable to be "tan". Now, if I can find a nice little article about why it used to be fashionable to be curvy...
  • 10 things you didn't know Google Maps could do. Very helpful and makes me love Google even more.
  • To all of the people that think fat kids are cute, please reconsider: America's youth too fat to fight. In the military, that is. Maybe all of those disgusting fair foods are to blame.
  • Nerd stuff? I think so! 20 things you didn't know about viruses. I hope this also clears up some things for people who think that getting a flu shot means you won't get the flu.
  • The next X-Man will be directed by who? The dude that made "Kick Ass". Which is apparently an awesome movie.
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