Sunday, May 16, 2010

Get a laugh

  • New fun! site gives some of the best reasons for birth control...or just funny stuff that kids ruin
  • Do you like mash ups?Sometimes I do.
  • What some might call The Worst Wedding DJ, I'd call the most ballsy and insane.
  • What might be the funniest argument caught on tape
  • People make fun of you when you use incorrect English and grammar. I sure do.
  • NBC hates everyone. Not only are they cutting a bunch of shows (the details of which will be released on Monday), but THEY ARE GETTING RID OF HEROES. I can't stay the show was award winning but damnit I am tired of getting invested in a show and then it not making it to an ending.

    In the latest round of "Why I hate Facebook", I have more articles about the privacy issues and the creator supposedly, well, looking down on his users
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