Saturday, May 15, 2010

Black businesses fail to expand

A friend of mine linked me to an article about Black Dominican salons taking over the black hair salon industry.
I take such great issue with this that I am ranting. I am disappointed that the Black community has spent many years trying to get ahead by standing on someone else's shoulders. Countless people lower the standard for Blacks simply because we are Black. If anyone watched "Black Hair", there is evidence of countless salon owners who think that it is unfair for businesses run by other races to excel. That is the root of running a business. You have to compete and do better than everyone else. Here, yet again, the Black community is crying foul because the Black Dominicans do hair cheaper and seemingly better. That is truth. I refuse to pay hundreds of dollars to have my hair done in a kitchen, but that "stylist" sees nothing wrong with asking such high prices. Capitalism says that you lower your prices or lose your customers. Well, people, you're losing your customers.

I used to work with a Dominican girl who told me about this method of hair strengthening and I was excited and stupefied. She has hair just like mine, but it is healthy, long, and full of body. While the interviewed salon owners claim that the Dominican method of straightening does more damage to the hair than the standard chemical relaxer, I must say that my experience is that the Dominican hair I've seen is not nearly in the bad shape as all of the bald headed women who over process their hair.

People, straighten up! No one, in reality, owes a single other person on Earth a favor. I am waiting to see Black people step up and play on the same field as everyone else. It is maddening to know that because my standards are higher I'm a traitor and not supportive of Black people. I could rant on about "supporting Black businesses" and how people want all Blacks to buy from other Black small businesses exclusively (or as much as possible) and I refuse. Much like buying American cars, I'll buy your product when you show me its improved quality. Until then, it's time to figure out why everyone else's business is doing better.

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