Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Short and sweet!

Just a couple of cool sites to bookmark:

  • A very long list of commonly misused English words. Read it. You'll find something on there that you need.
  • (I am not shirking my responsibility as the Grammar Hall Monitor, as my sister so lovingly called me; I will return to my grammar tips soon)
  • Astronomy picture of the day!. As shared to me by Angie, you can look at NASA's archive of amazing photos.
  • How to connect your laptop to your hi-def TV. Now, if you're still in the stone ages like me and have a tube TV set (don't laugh, I like it and I've had it for 16 years or something), this won't help you. I have been searching for the right cables to hook a hi-def laptop to a standard TV/entertainment center. Any suggestions?
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