Monday, November 30, 2009


I don't really rec things like so many other blogs do, not in the way of promoting products. I do want to rec a couple of new blogs of some friends and get the pimping going on:

Ask the Chef. This is a blog where you can get a variety of recipes and more importantly, ask food and cooking related questions.

Tech news. If you'd like information on new products, sales and even gift ideas, this is a place to go.

A Soapbox with a View. It's new, but I know this author and she will have some great things to share. She's also a great Vegan cook, so hopefully there will be some recipes available soon. This is what I call "peer pressure".

And of course
Personals Hell:No Wonder You're single. Just a fun blog that serves to poke fun at the most desperate, illiterate and hopeless of people looking for a date.

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