Tuesday, November 17, 2009

He vuelto!

I have been sick for the last three weeks and being sick+taking care of basic responsibilities=no online playing. So I have more than 1,000 unread articles on my reader, and I'm going to get around to sharing them with you.

*The 7 stupidest relationship fights by Maxim. I would personally add in "you never tell me how you feel".
*Funny eye cream ad
*No Wonder you're single

*How to make your passion your job
*When did these celebs lose their virginity?
*What's the point of being in a relationship?
*My Little Pony, remade
*Restrooms on cruises are the dirtiest around
*Why do we need universal healthcare? Because the US falls behind in offering sick time and benefits
*7 things that 'good' parents do wrong. Great list. If you have kids or are planning to have kids, please do not make these ridiculous mistakes.
**In reference to number seven of that last link: check other languages to make sure that your newborns new "unique" name isn't something offensive or stupid. Because "Suri" actual means stupid things in at least THREE different languages.
*People who chronically get the flu may be less likely to develop H1N1.
*2012:The movie-review. Very funny and well written, I might add.
*Five tech gifts for under $25
*60 Second Podcast: Why are your memories blurred falacies of your mind? Because you have to get rid of your old ones so thatyour brain can make room for new ones.

Why you should know your world: most people don't realize why the "killer" is part of the common name for Orca, or "Killer" whales. A group of whale watchers found out why.

Mom always said that liver was good for you.

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