Monday, December 14, 2009

Quick Links

Not anything too major, but incidentally, as the LotR anniversary approaches, there is a small theme:

Tobey Maguire in talks to play Bilbo in The Hobbit.I love Tobey. I do. However, I have my doubts about this...
and on the heels of the former, a nice little LotR spoof.
Tom Waits is Lord of the Rings. Well. I want to know more about this.
LotR will be available on Blu Ray this spring.

In non-Lord of the Rings clips:

Bobby McFerrin teaches us scales. Most people on Earth know him for "Don't Worry, Be Happy", but he has released many jazz albums over the years and he has an amazing knowledge of music. This short clip of him is amazing and I want to find more info about the program.

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