Saturday, November 21, 2009

Wanna know what I've got?

*Google Chrome is the wave of the future. I still don't understand how the "cloud" that your data is on is safe, but Google products continue to be released to great reviews.
*The Post Office hates Santa. They will stop forwarding kid's letters to North Pole, Alaska. Santa is dead, y'all.
*British epileptic plans to display seizures to audience. She will try to induce a seizure as "performance art". WTF?
*movie popcorn is worse than three hamburgeres. The good, drippy, McDs burgers. DAMN. The movies have to ruin EVERYTHING.
*NY Philharmonic will offer..dinner theater. Ok not really, but starting next year they may offer after-show, top chef made meals.
*Zac Efron is hot. That's all.

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