Thursday, July 9, 2009

Thursday Links

Slightly short and sweet for today:

A Heartbreaking work of staggering AWESOME
You're BOTH right
British Dogs trained to sniff out diabetes
10 rules to better enjoy life

And the funny:
Beard Contest
Summer reading list
Dimple machine


  1. Hi there, Auntie Ann. I just discovered that you are following my blog. Welcome! You have an interesting blog, too.

    My daughter has lived in Baton Rouge for the last two years, which has given us a chance to check out Louisiana. It's a fascinating place. She and her husband have enjoyed living there--except for the heat and humidity. (But then again, Oklahoma isn't much better, so she should be used to it. It was 106 here yesterday and we have high humidity, too, although not as much as Louisiana.) Her husband is originally from Washington state, and he REALLY doesn't understand the weather there!

    I'll be back to your blog to read more.

  2. Hi! I found your blog in a search for Pisces pics and thought your blog was interesting! Thanks for the comment!
    I have a real love/hate relationship with Louisiana but so far, I'm still here! I can't believe that it got to 106! I'd rather take regular heat than humid summer heat, though.
    Thanks for stopping by, and hope to "read" you soon!