Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Divinyls talked about it....

Sex with yourself. I'd better post about it. The Relationship Journal that I often read had an article today about masturbation so I decided to bring it up.

Recently, a young woman stabbed the shit out of her boyfriend when she came home and found him jerking it, and not but a week or so ago I read a pseudo-debate on Relevant Mag's site about whether or not masturbation is a sin.
I get a bit riled up over the latter. I do not condone stabbing people for any reason, but I find that I disagree almost whole heartedly with some of the commenters on the Relevant article. Mikko, the author of The Relationship journal, briefly addresses where sex and spirtuality meet; however, some people believe that self satisfaction is of the devil and has no place in a relgious person's life.


Mine I will keep at a minimum, and would like to hear what a more diverse group thinks (as if I have any readers, much less diverse ones!). What I will say is that I think that masturbation should be discussed and kept in the open. My first problem with it's connotation in the Christian world is that it is taboo, and at least Relevant decided to talk about it. It's a part of life, and our bodies, and keeping anything hush-hush creates a feeling of guilt and shame and no matter where you fall, no one deserves to feel that way.
I will also toss this in: Saying that masturbation ruined your marriage/sex life (in our out of a marriage) is like saying that eating Raisin Bran ruined your marriage. The actual act didn't; someone's feelings about or behind the act did.

I have to ask myself if our society has a warped view of self satisfaction and if this, like many other things, are simply the scapegoat for some other issues?

To quote George Michael: "Sex is natural, sex is fun! Sex is best when it's one on one"


  1. I read the article and some of the comments on Relevant. It hurt. But listening to Christians hurts in general. Especially since they were mostly talking amongst themselves. "Is masterbation good for Christians?" No. They should all stop so their gonads explode. And RJ's thing was enough to make me wanna actually roll on the floor with laughter. More in touch with my emotions after i rub one off?? Oh, please!

    Them aside, these are the reasons why *I* masterbate:
    1) I'm horny and I can't find anyone else to get me off. This included my boyfriend when I was partnered. Sometimes, the mood struck when he wasn't around, and I didn't feel like waiting until he was. Sometimes I wanted get off and didn't feel like having to sastisify someone else. Sex with someone else can be work, and when it is work it is not enjoyable. And that kinda defeats the purpose, doesn't it?
    2) I'm bored and there's nothing else I want to do. I don't feel like playing a video game. I dont feel like reading a book. Guess I'll see what Johnson is doing.
    3) I'm really tired but I'm not sleepy. This is what made me laugh the most at the RJ article. Men become more in touch with their emotions after sex? Please. They become more in touch with their pillow! Orgasm releases endorphines that put you in an euphoric state that is rediculously relaxing. It's cheaper and healthier for you than pills for passing out. If I'm going through an insomniatic phase, I'll try beating one out.
    4) I'm stressed the F-out! See #3 about endorphines and relaxing. See #1 about defeating the purpose of sex.

    I do agree with what they said about conditioning to a point. But then I know guys that can get themselves to the point in 2 minutes or less, but throw someone else in the mix and they cant seem to remember what the whole excerise is all about (which is great for some people, but terrible for my lack of attention self). And it can be addicting. I try not to constantly wank myself to sleep because I eventually become immune to the effect.

    To me, it is like MOST anything else under the Sun... it's good for you as long as you use it in moderation.