Thursday, July 23, 2009

Before I go home links

11 movie soundtracks that were better than the movie. Agreed.
Canada's 'weed mine' may be lost.
Church of England offers 2-in-1 ceremonies. What a great job they've done this time! Get baptized AND married TODAY!
Metro sexual is OUT. This article claims that flashiness is now less important to men during this recession, but I see just as many douche-holes now as I did before...
Volcanoes vs lightening. Very cool pics

Life:All very helpful and relevant right now!
Who is worthy of love?. I like Mikko's articles. He often writes about and says things that I'd like to discuss with people. Somewhere, all too many people have felt that they didn't deserve some basic emotional needs. Mikko kind of talks about this, but I don't think it's enough to address some more deep issues. But it's a great start to making people wake up to what they're worth (or in some cases, learning how little that is).

Acceptance. Life tries to teach us to accept all things, good and bad, and not skew our perceptions about things that simply are. We don't get angered at the existence of gravity, so why do we become angry that there was a car accident that just put us behind schedule? You can't help these things and just have to accept them and some other general curveballs that get tossed your way in life. The article dares readers to learn to judge less and accept more.

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