Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Grammar Correction of the Day

This one is my pet peeve of a non-contraction: WANNA.

Let me tell you something about the non-word, "WANNA"; it's a contraction without the apostrophe. I'll get on the apostrophes in a later post. However, I have to clarify the correct use of the fake word, WANNA.

It's a contraction of "want to", however, many people use it as a contraction for "want a". It's not. It makes me a little nuts to even see intelligent people make this mistake. In reality, you are typing more/using more characters when you type "wanna" when you meant "want a" than if you were meaning to type "want to".

I wanna go home soon, but watching District 9 is making me want a steak!

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