Thursday, August 20, 2009

Project Runway is on

I've been avoiding the internet but the internet waits for no one. I have quite a few funnies:
Worst men's fashions. I think they may have forgotten a few, such as bell bottoms and leisure suits...
3 Keyboard Cat moon shirts.
Street sign fail
Big time toy FAIL. Make sure to read the product reviews!
I have two new sites that are kind of rocking me right now: (and this one's great)

I admit it, I like all things goofy.

20 things you didn't know about HURRICANES. I live in New Orleans. This is important!
Remember how people always say that humans only use 10% of their brain? Here's the other 90
Evangelical Lutherans debate allowing gay ministers
60 Second Podcast: Older adult's driving abilities may be hindered by meds. Again, I think you should not be able to drive past a certain age...
Podcast: A study in the journal Current Biology verifies the proposition that people in a featureless environment will wind up walking in circles
London's new trend: PUTPocketers. People randomly slip bills into stranger's pockets...

New Imogen Heap album streaming on her website
Jermaine from Flight of the Concords has a new movie


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  2. i have two grandparents still living, 89 and 87 and both still think they should drive. both should not.

  3. Hi Amanda! Just getting your comment! They should NOT be driving at that age! Nothing works properly at THAT age, much less eyesight and reflexes!