Sunday, August 23, 2009

Links on a nice day

Homer Akinbola? An Angolan marketing firm has made the Simpsons go all Black.
Gamers are as sad as you think. The average videogamer is 35 and quite the unhappy sap.
Robot cats could provide care for the elderly. Creepy.
Study shows that we eat more when our friends do. Yes, the fatter your friends are, the more likely you are to overindulge. While there is a study that shows that we mimic our peers out of an evolutionary need, getting the giant onion blossom is NOT contributing to our betterment. However the US life expentancy is at an all time high of 78. How are we managing to continue to pump grease through our veins for this long??
8 phenomenon that defy explanation. Number 1? THE FLU.
I admit that I was overwhelmed by too much Shakespeare in college but creating a 3D musical of Hamlet is no way to spice it up.
Remember Andrew WK? He has a new album of tribal music.

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