Saturday, September 4, 2010

Labor Day weekend links

I was saving a lot of these for a special occasion, which would be now.

I haven't had cable since February and now that I have it back, I have discovered a great VH1 countown called Undateable. It's a top 100 countdown of things a man could do to be labeled undateable. I LOVE that VH1 is as cynical as I am. They also keep me entertained on days when there's too much sun to go outside.

Fun links:

  • I hate stupid names but I am not the only one.
  • Douching isn't even good for you, and only nasty girls do it. So suggesting that if you want a raise, you have to douche, is taking it to the next level.
  • List of the Day: Fourteen inventions you could have thought of. Totally. Some, I wouldn't even call inventions. Then another Seven stupid products created by brands. People ought to be ashamed.
  • Important story suggests that standardized tests are biased against kids who don't give a shit.

  • Cracked: Six really creepy things slipped into kid's cartoons. REALLY creepy and inappropriate. Thanks to Netflix, I can stream them and watch them.

  • Nerd links:
  • Video of a fire tornado in Hawaii. ARMAGEDDON!!!!
  • How something feels affects thought.
  • Thinking about adding to the family? There may be no need. "Only child" syndrome may be a myth.

  • Everything else:

  • Paste Magazine is shutting down. How sad. They tried to keep things going but couldn't do it. I appreciated getting my new music every month and hope to continue to support them on their site.
  • We know you're lying, and so are we. The top 13 books people lie about having read. Some of us have been forced to read Cantebury Tales, but even a lit major hasn't read these.

    1. you have the most brilliant blog in the entire world.

    2. LOL thanks Jilly :)
      I hope you know how much I get out of reading your blog, too. It might sound odd, but your writing helps me connect to something I sometimes feel like I've misplaced.
      oh, you might also like, they rock my world :)