Monday, August 9, 2010

Being a realist

I've got too many things to update and too little time before I have to leave to go to Florida. I can not organize links as I should, but here they be:

  • Grammar Hall Monitors take to the streets: a guy and his buddy go across the country correcting errors on signs. He's my hero.
  • Cut the optimism; you're being duped. Many companies resort to toying with your emotions to make more money.
  • They also think that you're too stupid toknow science fact from science fiction. And even while the average person wouldn't know much about some of these things, they shouldn't take advantage of that, either.
  • Who's going to protect you? A young girl's school used her as rape bait. Seriously.
  • Candidate for governor of George is crazy. Why's it always gotta be the South??

    I had this link for tips on using Google Search but after some recent information about Google's deal with Verizon on Net Neutrality, I no longer feel a strong urge to support Google like I once did (and I am typing this from Firefox v3.5.11 instead of Chrome!) but the information is there.

    Now, must prepare to hopefully make it to sunny Florida!
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