Saturday, June 12, 2010

Yet more junk

Can I stop collecting it? No. But as long as I'm amused (or shocked!) I will keep posting it!

For instance, I am thoroughly shocked and appalled that there really is a sequel to Titanic in the making.
And apparently there will be severe earthquakes in Califonia and British Colombia, Canada. There may be something off with the guy and I'd feel really bad if there was, but it's still funny to listen to.
This is what is being called the The BP Fail Whale
At this very moment, I should be doing something important, but I'm not. And you're not, either. I love Pearls before Swine.
I am a sucker for teh cute. Kids and dogs make me happy.
Speaking of dogs, here are some fun life lessons we should learn from a dog. I wonder what life lessons from a cat would be like?
I really enjoy all of the Justin Bieber is a girl jokes.
This may be my new favorite way to jank people on Facebook: Openbook. You can keyword search and see people's updates using those words. YES. Now I know for sure that Facebook is stalkerific.

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  1. HILARIOUS! titanic 2! that's insane ahhahaha