Monday, June 7, 2010


I have too much stuff that I need to unload. I have seriously slacked on the intellectual information but I will return with good stuff soon!

  • Bad cocaine can rot your flesh. Drugs 'r' bad, mmkay??
  • High cagefighter rips amigo's heart out. 'Cause DRUGS ARE BAD. Was this guy practicing for the real life Mortal Kombat?!
  • Probably not anything people haven't already discussed or written about, but I like that they share videos for their 20 best Seinfeld moments
  • My favorite local bartender shared these 86 rules for being a good bar patron. EVERY man under the age of 30 should know these.
  • I know that English is the hardest language to learn but Engrish is still funny. Really funny. I will adopt some of these 32 Engrish subtitle mistakes into my regular lexicon. "You ugly you look like your twelve year old turtle". Because you do.

    Stuff that makes you and me cooler than everyone else:
  • Time lapse video of the Iceland volcano. It is really beautiful and amazing to see, especially now that it's over.
  • A fun optical illusion. Sometimes I don't lose all faith in the future of mankind.
  • Some facts about bacteria. It's good to know what's trying to kill you (the viruses will be the ones to succeed in killing you)
  • LISTEN UP! These are some really important FACTS ABOUT PETA that EVERYONE should know. The organization isn't this all good-serving, animal-loving peace-keeping company.
  • We are so fortunate but we mostly complain that we don't have more. Let's get a little perspective.
  • This hipster bullcrap needs to stop! A graphjam on Che Guevara shirts. If you don't know what he did, click that link. And if you're wearing skinny jeans when you do it, I hope you burst into flames.

    1. While I'm not exactly a fan of PETA and am not a member, the "facts" on that page are a tad skewed.

      Is PETA all it's cracked up to be? No. But without them, we wouldn't have any idea what really goes on inside the meat industry, and for that I'm thankful.

      We also wouldn't know about cruel animal testing with cigarettes (seriously, the smoking beagles are just SAD! It will tear your heart out) and we also wouldn't know that dog food companies such as Iams do horrifying, and unnecessary, tests on animals, too. I've seen the footage. It will make you ashamed to be human.

      Plus, we wouldn't have standards for animal safety with moviemaking, either. Watch old westerns where horses fall down cliffs, and often had to be shot and killed because they'd broken legs and other bones. That doesn't happen now.

      And Pam Anderson has said in interviews that her car doesn't have leather seats, she actually had it removed for vegan friendly materials that look like leather. And even if she hadn't done that, the cars she typically drives don't come with any other seat fabrics. They only come with leather.

      I'm not trying to shoot the messenger, but sometimes people who make these "facts you need to know" sites can really twist things around.

      As for Ingrid Newkirk, I don't know anything about her at all.

    2. I think that someone would have been able to bring forward animal issues without the propaganda and lies that PETA has used. Doing good doesn't justify doing bad. They promote themselves in a way that is not true and sometimes small facts like this help people think more about what they will follow. In this day and age there are plenty of resources for someone to become informed about animals rights and health issues without following PETA.

      I don't know how these facts are twisted- let's say that PETA advertises that we shouldn't kill animals but they are, that's not twisting the fact, but rather highlighting something less positive about the organization. A Christian mission organization may provide clean water in Africa but may also kill abortion doctors. That clean water doesn't justify any other negative act and it doesn't make the fact that they kill doctors untrue, either.