Sunday, April 25, 2010

Is this a Dutch movie?

I don't have cable anymore and find myself watching World programming. And sometimes reading articles.

  • Phil Collins makes Motown covers album. Let's talk about this, please? Have a healthy discussion about why this can't happen? Several other artists have attempted this and it ends badly. The kind of voice that Collins has is just SURE to make this album a mess.
  • Review of Theresa Andersson's live DVD. She's a New Orleans favorite and I must say that I respect her and her creativity tremendously. Everyone should giver her a listen, just once.
  • F.Scott Fitzgerald is a hit. A movie adaptation of Tender is the Night will feature Matt Damon and Keira....that chick.
  • Six ways for teens to lose distractions. I think this would be more suited for parents of teens who can "remove" these distractions for them, more than asking a teenager to give them up willingly.
  • 20 things you didn't know about digestion and sugar.


    1. Because of #10, I guess the sugar facts only number 19 instead of 20. LOL

    2. They do that a lot, and apparently people have complained about it so there's a disclaimer at the end of all of the "20 Things"!