Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Important in the news

Let's get shocking!

  • Bring your gun to church day!Proposed bill will allow concealed guns at church, but of course at the discretion of the minister. Yeah.
  • California takes the fun out of fast food. I think it's great that California tries to be progressive, but if you want to talk about losing freedoms or governments taking over (that goes out to all those folks that like to say Obama is a Socialist), California is leading the race. They are now banning fast food places from giving toys with kids meals that are over 485 calories, in an attempt to curb fat kids' desire to eat fat kids food. Because that is the REAL problem. */sarcasm*
  • NASA image of the oil slick off the coast of Louisiana. It is being proposed that they just set the slick on fire.

    Ok, a little less shocking:

  • A book I'd recommend:Fifty Dangerous things You Should Let Your Kids Do. I agree that parents have become over-protective worry warts that don't allow their children to be free to scrape their knees or get Chicken Pox. Let your kid stick his finger in a fan-the blades will stop, it won't cut his finger off. I know a guy who electrocuted himself three times before the age of ten, ate dog food and stuck red beans in his ears and he is quite the normal adult. Here's a PDF of item 46.
  • Instructional diagrams for socially inept people. I wish they'd picked more. There are so many more lessons for people to learn.
  • New Fall shows that might not suck
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