Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Shortcut info for healthcare and thensome

I have been linked to two good sites that have the healthcare reform broken down into easy to understand terms. Many sites aren't easy to grasp, and are STILL skewed away from certain facts that have already been clarified. So I'll share these two:
  • Reuters offers info in a year by year breakdown so that it is easy to see what changes will come and when.
  • PoliticFact Top 10 things you should know about these changes.

    Also, for those that still like to use words like "socialist" and "unconstitutional", I'd like to provide THIS.

    Keeping with my previous hippie post, I also wanted to include the video for The Story of STUFF. It is 20 minutes long but goes much more in dept than the others and is really important for consumers to understand just how they have been puppetted in the last sixty years. So the next time my friends come over and make fun of my tube TV or old laptops, printers and stuff, they'll shut the hell up because they will now know why I haven't fallen for the banana in the tailpipe with being a greedy consumer.

    1. You might want to fix the link, or maybe copy/paste text, from the link where you talk about "socialist or unconstitutional." Every time I click the link you've got under the word, "THIS," I get a different word.

      I'm all, "Bikini? What does the origin of bikini have to do with health care?" hahaha Then, I clicked it again and got some Greek word for something else.

      Also---new baby names for your list. We were watching the birthdays on the Sprout channel recently. Two kids among the day's celebrants; Australia and Messiah.

    2. Whoops! I didn't realize that there was a top ten words list on there. I just wanted it to go to the dictionary page as a smart-alecky way to say "learn what words mean!"

      I don't think I mentioned it to you, but I was at dinner with my Dad the other night and this lady was calling to her son "Napoleon". I am so done with people!!