Thursday, March 18, 2010

My birthday and things I love

So today is my birthday and one of my gifts to myself has been to chronicle one of my favorite things: The Todd's high fives from "Scrubs". There are eight seasons (I do not count this new season of "Scrubs: Med School" as anything other than garbage) and a lot of quotes. At some other time when I'm bored and I still don't have cable I may do a collection of all the girl's names that Dr. Cox calls JD. But for now, I will share this that I have collected.

Season 1

No real "High fives"

Season 2

Ep 21: “My Drama Queen”- “Air Five”

Ep 22: “My Dream Job”- “Self Five”

Season 3

Ep 2 : “My Journey”- “Mental Five”

Ep 4: “My Lucky Night”- “Sterile high five”

Season 4

Ep 11: “My Best Moment”- “Miracle Five”

Ep 12 : “My Ocardial Infarction”- “Face Five”

Ep 21 : “My Lips Are Sealed” –“Fist Five”

Ep 24: “My Drive By” –“Assisted Five”

Ep 25: “My Changing Ways”- “Make it Stop Five”

Season 5

Ep 1: “My First Day”-“Euphemism Five”

Ep 2: “My Rite of Passage” –“Betrayal Five”

Ep 16: “My Bright Idea” -“Breast stroke five”

Season 6

Ep 9 : “My Perspective” - “Cyber Five” / “Duct Tape Five”

Ep 10: “My Therapeutic Month” - “Weenie Roast Five”

Ep 13: “My Scrubs” – “Somethin’ Might Be Wrong Five”

Ep 14: “My No Good Reason” – “Skeptical Air Five”

Ep 17: “Their Story” -“Unfair Five” / “Internal ‘uh oh’ Five”

Ep 19: “My Cold Shower” – “It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all Five”

Season 7

Ep 8: “My Manhood”- “Entire Coffeebucks Five”

Ep 10: “My Waste of Time” – “Ice Fishing Five”

Ep 11: “My Princess”- “Fairy Five” / “Still Can High Five? Five”

Season 8

Ep 4: “My Happy Place”- “I can feel little JD five”

Ep 5 : “My ABC’s”- “Grover Five” / "I just pulled down your pants Five"

Ep 7: “My New Role” -“Disrespecting Nurses Five”

Ep 12: “Their Story II” - “Welcome to the Team Five” / “Quiet Down Five”

Ep 13: “My Full Moon” - “Are We Clear Five” / “I’m sorry Five” (Turk)

Ep 14: “My Soul on Fire Pt 1” – “Cardboard Five”

Ep 15: “My Soul on Fire Pt 2” – “High Tide Five”

Ep 19: “My Finale Pt 2” – “Goodbye Five”

I advise everyone to get to know and love Scrubs. Everything that you ever need to know about life is on this show.


  1. This is Robert Maschio, the actor who played the Todd for 9 seasons. I enjoyed your compilation, cheers. I must point out that there were many high fives in season 1, but I didn't start naming them until season 2.!!!

  2. This is why I say there are no "real" fives in season 1. Without a name to them, I'm not able to list them. Besides, what makes them funny is the "names" they're given! Thanks for reading. Tell your friends!

  3. My favorite high five "'Tis better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all five." Shocking sophisticated for a "scalpel jock."

  4. I think that is still my favorite, too :)

  5. Me and my friend Johannes have made it a point to high 5 at every moment we get the chance. It's what brought us closer together...

  6. Haha that's awesome! My boyfriend and I five on a lot of things, too. I think that everyone should take the time to high five. The world would be much bettr :P

  7. Friendship 5!
    I so take that!