Friday, September 4, 2009

Weird links for Friday

If I didn't know any better, I'd think today was Friday the 13th!

NWSSex in the city...for real...
Cat 'bathes' in sink. It's cute and longer than necessary, but who doesn't like watching cat videos??
Satan, say cheese!. I think it looks more like a demon than the dark prince himself.
What should the church do? DRINK!
Man gets himself arrested to get away from his wife
Forget Laughing Cow cheese; how about some sad, suicidal cow cheese?
Cat totally OWNED by fish aquarium
Preschool FAIL
Man bites off another man's finger during a healthcare reform protest
Deformed frog found in can of Pepsi. This makes me more alarmed that a friend had FIVE underfilled cans of Diet Cherry Pepsi in his twelve pack...
Iron Man 2 may be in 3D
60 second podcastGrowing tomatoes with pee
60 second podcast:Body clock linked to weight gain
R. Kelly plans to finish Michael Jackson songs...smh...

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