Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Everybody hates links

I can only imagine. A lot of people hate to read but love to talk. Too bad. All I get to do these days is read.


  • Wanna know a secret? Men think a lot of women's fashion is lame. They at least say which they think are lame and which are less lame.
  • I never understood how they were comfortable, but apparently underwire bras are dangerous
  • Ehow will also tell you how to clean your toothbrush. I am so excited.
  • I am not excited about all the gross ingredients in what is supposed to be a healthy food. So am I surprised that apparently the blueberries in packaged foods aren't always blueberries? Nah. I'm not surprised.
  • Continuing with the nutrition theme, this article tries to give a visual to what 300 calories looks like when done in healthy foods and an unhealthy equivalent.
  • I am mostly opposed to the trend of drinking bottled water, especially since most people don't know what they're drinking.Is your favorite water spring or distilled? Are there added nutrients or sodium? WHERE does it come from? This is a list of the worst bottled waters, and most of them are from the Nestle corporation.
    Alternatively, this is a list of the cities with the best tap water. New Orleans isn't one of them.

  • Funny:

  • I greatly enjoy Drunken Shamings.These are particularly good. Also from List of the Day are motivational posters and the Engrish roundup. Never ending supply of funny.
  • Prenatal pole dancing from Funny or Die. Wish I'd done that to keep in shape LOL.

  • Putting two spaces after a period is wrong, wrong wrong.
  • Yet I still can't stop myself from doing it.
  • Scientists claim to have discovered teleportation. Not your mind-bending,sci-fi type of teleportation, but in quantum physics. Particles that are doing things that weren't really imagined.
  • Here's a map that shows the occurrence of bachelor's degrees in the U.S. by county. Very interesting.
  • Facts poster on U.S. unemployment and U.S. teacher's salaries. Sometimes we screw up so bad.
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    1. Ummmkay. As a Sacramentan who knows our tap water is really shitty, I was curious where this city fell on that "best water" list.

      I cannot believe we are at 18 and San Francisco is at 33.

      You can drink SF tap water straight. No need to filter. It tastes GREAT! Tastes like storebought bottled water.

      The water here? You can see particles floating in it and it tastes like metals and chemicals. It's really, really bad. I NEVER drink unfiltered tap water. EVER.

      As far as the LA area, and San Diego, yeah, I can believe they have shitty water. LA water comes out of the tap WHITE and smells of chlorine. Would you drink water that looked like someone poured it into a glass of leftover milk and smelled like a swimming pool? Didn't think so. SD water isn't much better.