Sunday, October 17, 2010

Saints Sunday links

I've been told that I never say anything nice about the Saints and that's not true. I'm just a realistic fan. There's a real chance that they might do something stupid.

  • The people have spoken: NO MORE PHONE BOOKS!! Most people don't use them, and in my case, I can get as many as four of them. Now you can opt of out receiving them.
  • Need to find out where an image came from? Tin Eye reverse image lookup. There are some really cool search options popping up out there.
  • Some facts about sleep and a podcast showing, yet again, that
    later school times lead to better performance
  • I've blogged about this before, so maybe this will be more helpful. When to use the word "literally". Thank you, The Oatmeal.

  • Again, thanks to The Oatmeal for these things you do in e-mail that make me hate you.
  • The internet makes me regret a lot of things, but here's the best of Regretsy. Absurd creations.
  • The funniest news about a band: FORMER Weezer fans offer money for the band to call it quits.A LOT of money.
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