Monday, July 26, 2010

The cynism sinks in

While this is old news (I am just not keeping up with posting like I should), it still amused me tremendously: BP is bad at photoshop. A few days later, it was rumored that they'd struck again but that was a hoax. This, however, is real.

And, in staying with Slashdot and Louisiana news, schoolboard members act to make Intelligent Design a part of Science curriculum. Because Louisianians don't already have an ass-backward way of thinking. (By the way, without discussing my or anyone's beliefs, intelligent design does not have a place in science class. Making it have a place is a way to push the curriculum into public schools where otherwise it would be restricted to private and Catholic schools.)
To think, this is the focus, when Jefferson Parish schools are failing. School board members give themselves raises while laying off more than 200 hundred teachers. Good call!
This is, of course, due to the fact that Louisianians are the most sedentary people in the country.

Microsoft knows they suck. Microsoft is extending their free downgrade to Windows XP. I have considered this as I did not like Vista, but I have learned to deal. Windows 7, however, is my arch nemesis.

Hate Facebook as much as I do? Here's a video tutorial as to how to block games and apps.

People spend a lot of money to go to college and get marketing or design degrees only to end up making logos like this that just FAIL. Way to go!

Cool and nerdy and not cynical: An 18th century ship was found at WTC site


  1. That is crazy that they are bringing "intelligent design" to school. They should be intelligent and stick to science.

  2. Haha, thanks Israel. We've got a lot to work on in our education system.

  3. Intelligent Design isn't just creationism-lite. It may not be a method that is empirically tested, but isn't just a flash-in-the-pan movement to get scientists to become theists and give up on the 'theory' of evolution (FYI, it still has not been proven as the origin of species). There are some very smart people who are proponents of intelligent design (Stephen C. Meyer, William Dembski, and Michael Behe,) all of whom have advanced degrees in sciences, philosophy, and mathematics. Science, regardless of all the information we have as a result of it, isn't always the answer to every question.