Thursday, October 15, 2009

a bunch of fun vids

I have been slacking on posting but I hope that some of these funny videos make it better. I can't help myself, I love goofy comedy.

Obama's healthcare reform in auto-tune. It's funny. I avoided it at first but it is actually LOL worthy.
What does that hand say to the face? SLAP. REMIXED. Thank you, Dave Chappelle.
Vince Schlomi's Slap chop remix.

I don't think this guy is trying to be funny, but if he is, he's a genius. Watch him sing up to five octaves. Watch out, Mariah. Shane's coming up!

And on the heals of the Hammond judge that wouldn't marry an interracial couple, I offer THE BLIND DATE. This guy and his group are hilarious.

And for some sweetness, this video is of the most awesomely coordinated Halloween light show ever. I'm never going back to the Halloween laser show at the planetarium again:

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